Police searching for man who allegedly assaulted wife in lift (The Star)

My comment on the infamous video of a man beating his wife in an elevator in front of their children:

“The police must take action immediately in every case to prevent further abuse – and possibly death,” said Yu Ren Chung, an advocacy officer with the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO).

“In the past few months, three horrific deaths resulting from domestic violence have been highlighted in the media,” said Yu.

“Two of these women had made multiple police reports before they died, but did not get the protection they needed and deserved,” he said.

Yu said that even though some abuse cases may not leave visible injuries, the interpretation of “domestic violence” in the Domestic Violence Act 1994 also includes the threat of physical violence.

“It is important for her (the woman in the video), and others who face abuse, to know that it’s not their fault and that help is out there,” said Yu.

Yu says that WAO counsellors are ready to help and can be contacted at 03-7956 3488.

Read the full article published in The Star on 14 August 2013.

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