V-Day 2013: Ending Violence Against Women (BFM 89.9)

Ivy Josiah and I talked about the global campaign to help end violence against women “One Billion Rising”, with Meera Sivasothy on The Bigger Picture.


Prelude from BFM:

This Valentine’s Day, there were more than just star-struck lovers celebrating over chocolates and candlelit dinners. V-Day is also known as the international day for addressing Violence Against Women, and was marked across the planet with the One Billion Rising campaign.

Ivy Josiah and Yu Ren Chung from the Women’s Aid Organization in Malaysia talk to Meera Sivasothy about One Billion Rising, and why more campaigners and advocates are turning to men to raise awareness and put an end to the violence.

Interview aired on BFM on 20 February 2013. 

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